Day 30 – One Month Down!

Today…today my friends was a glorious day! I woke up and guess what the first thing I did was? Yep, you got it…I weighed myself. I am happy to announce that…


I think the last time I weighed 150 was when I was 2 years old. Haha ok all kidding aside, I do not remember the last time I weighed 150. I feel that I went from 130 to 170 (my all time heaviest). All I know now is that I feel GREAT and can’t wait to see my progress continue. So that puts me down a total of 8 pounds in one month – YIPPEEE!!!!

Now onto the fun stuff: MEASUREMENTS! If you refer back to my first post, my original measurements were as follows:

Neck: 13 inches/33 centimeters
Biceps: 11.5 inches/29.2 centimeters
Bust: 37.5 inches/95.3 centimeters
Waist (around belly button): 35 inches/88.9 centimeters
Hips: 41.5 inches/105.4 centimeters
Thighs (around thickest part): 23 inches/58.4 centimeters

I’m happy to report that at the end of month one, my measurements are as follows:

Neck: 13 inches/33 centimeters (no difference)
Biceps: 11.5 inches/29.2 centimeters (no difference)
Bust: 36 inches/91.4 centimeters (lost 1.5 inches/3.9 centimeters)
Waist: 32 inches/81.3 centimeters (lost 3 inches/7.6 centimeters)
Hips: 39.5 inches/100.3 centimeters (lost 2 inches/5.1 centimeters)
Thighs: 22.5 inches/57.2 centimeters (lost .5 inches/1.2 centimeters)

In addition to seeing the scale go down, it is even more motivating to see the inches go down! I was shocked when I saw how significant some of these numbers were, especially around my waist! I see myself every day so I suppose it’s hard to actually realize when you are losing inches, but hey – the tape measure does not lie! It also leads me to my next point, which is what I need to be better at doing as I continue this journey. I need to try and not focus so much on the scale and focus more on how I look and feel. Everyone always says this, but we never take their advice or our own for that matter. But it is so true! Reflecting on the past month, I was (and still am) bummed when I didn’t lose any weight for a few days or a week. Or I may have been up a pound higher than I was the previous week. At the end of the day, one’s weight fluctuates so much that it’s really confusing, especially if you’re working out like crazy and building muscle. I will continue to watch the scale, but now that I have measurements in, I’m going to try and not be so obsessive about it. 🙂

After lunch today, I started to feel very weighed down and tired. Not sure why, but I had a bit more coffee/caffeine then I normally would. After work, I went to the gym for 45 minutes and did some treadmill running, but my legs started to cramp up really bad so I switched the stair master. I did that for 32 minutes and burned 422 in total during my workout.

I’m really tired this evening so I don’t feel like setting up my camera and taking pictures, but I PROMISE I will take them this weekend. 🙂 It will probably be Saturday morning when I wake up since I have swimming tomorrow night after work. And I’m meeting my coworkers at the gym before work tomorrow so with that said, here is my food count for the day and I am off to bed!

85 calories – 5 egg whites
105 calories – 1 medium banana
115 calories – 1 cup of cheerios w/ 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
15 calories – 1.5 tsp non dairy creamer with coffee
490 calories – Chipotle veggie burrito bowl (brown rice, fajita mix, black beans, pico de gallo, dash of spicy salsa, dash of sour cream, dash of cheese, very little guacamole, lettuce)
8 calories – 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk in coffee
109 calories – 1 large fuji apple
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
10 calories – amino acid energy drink
100 calories – 100 calorie bag of popcorn
110 calories – 1 brown rice cake with 1/2 TBSP peanut butter
185 calories – mushroom and broccoli frittata

Total caloric intake = 1,432 calories (1,622 allowed)

149 days to reach my goal…


Day 29 – The Start of Week 5

Today was a great day! I met my coworker Sarah at the gym by work that we go to at 6:00 a.m. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a GOOD workout in during lunch and I have acupuncture after work so morning was the only option. Let me tell ya – I felt great all day! Not only did I not have to sit in traffic (I sit in 1 – 1.5 hours of traffic each way, each day), but I got the work-out done and over with first thing. I may have to do this more often! I started on the treadmill but my legs started to cramp and I couldn’t run that fast so I ended up doing a walk/run for 22 minutes and burned 153 calories. I then went and did the stairmaster for 17 minutes and tricep workouts, which burned an additional 267 calories. All in all, I burned 420 calories in 1 hour and 7 minutes. Not too shabby!

I went to see stand up comedy at Timothy O’Tooles tonight. Great show! And while having a beer was tempting, I resisted and stuck to water. 🙂 Excited to weigh-in tomorrow so food consumption for today was….

30 calories – 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk and coffee
109 calories – 1 large fuji apple
115 calories – 1 cup of cheerios with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
120 calories – 2 brown rice cakes
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
88 calories – 3 oz lettuce, 2 TBSP creamy garlic dressing, broccoli, 1 medium carrot
100 calories – 100 calorie bag of popcorn
140 calories – 1 1/4 cup pineapple w/ 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
80 calories – 1 small nonfat cappuccino
190 calories – 1/2 cup brown rice w/6oz. snow peas tossed in 1/2 tsp olive oil
36 calories – 6 dark chocolate chocolate chips

Total caloric intake = 1,108 calories (1,620 allowed for the day)

150 days to reach my goal….

Day 28 – The End of Week Four

Wow, I can’t believe today is the end of week four. I say this every week, but yeah – it doesn’t feel like four weeks have passed at alllllllll. Today my manager took us to Wildfire for lunch so it was hard to not give in and get something I normally would have gotten (pizza, pasta, reuben, etc.). I resisted bread as a starter…had a bit of the chopped salad as an app instead…and ended up getting the black bean burger and did not eat the bun. I even passed on the cheese!?! Who am I turning into? LOL. I did have 2 small slices of avocado on the side and a tomato slice. I also used the slightest bit of garlic aioli mayo (nothing of significance) to give it a little taste. Instead of fries, I got balsamic glazed veggies (mushrooms, onions, peppers, etc.) that were roasted on their open fire. Sooo yummy! I can’t find the calorie count for any of their meals so I’m going on a whim and “guessing” based upon other food items I found that were similar.

After work I went to the gym and ran for 35 minutes (340 calories burned) and swam for 1 hour (422 calories according to MyFitnessPal). That’s 762 calories burned today and I know I did not eat enough, but I didn’t have many groceries in the house today since I just got back from St. Louis. So here goes nothing…tomorrow will be a “weigh-in” day since Wednesday’s are my usual weigh-in days. Thursday will be end of month weigh-in/measurements/new pictures! 🙂

85 calories – 5 egg whites
40 calories – 4 tsp non dairy creamer in coffee
100 calories – Wildfire Chopped Salad (small plate)
300 calories – Wildfire Black Bean Burger – no bun w/ 2 slices of avocado, tomato, a little garlic mayo
50 calories – Wildfire balsamic wood fire roasted vegetables
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
53 calories – 1 small fuji apple
140 calories – Small post workout protein shake from Xsport – SO YUMMY!!!! (Strawberry protein with banana and non fat yogurt, shot of B complex and glutamine)
100 calories – 100 calorie bag of popcorn
36 calories – 6 dark chocolate chocolate chips

Total caloric intake = 1,004 calories (1,962 allowed)

I’m wayyyyy under – bah!!!! 😦

151 days to reach my goal…

Day 27 – Not Bad for a Monday!

Oh so very tired so not going to write much, except for fitness and food. I ran/walked 5 miles today in 1 hour and burned 610 calories. Consumed the following:

30 calories – 1/4 cup 2% milk in coffee
180 calories – 4 oz. salmon with olive oil
80 calories – 1 fuji apple
190 calories – Greek salad from Panera
100 calories – Garden veggie pesto soup from Panera
140 calories – 1 pack of pistachios
60 calories – beef jerky
80 calories – Grande nonfat Starbucks cappuccino
300 calories – 6″ Subway Turkey/Ham on Wheat
45 calories – 5 dark chocolate acai berries

Total caloric intake = 1,205 calories (1,810 allowed)

151 days to reach my goal…

Day 26 – Sunday Splurge

Today was awesome. Fast Eddies was a blast and I don’t think I did too bad, all things considered. I could have done a lot worse, let me tell you. 😉 The food was delicious..the beer was cold..and my baby sister turned 21! Here is a picture of us celebrating. 🙂


I didn’t get a work out in today, but the next three days will be strict eating and hardcore working out, since I weigh-in and share new measurements on Thursday – end of the month! Eeek! I’ll do my normal weigh-in on Wednesday and share the results, and also do one on Thursday. Can’t wait to see where I come out! I did some preliminary measuring and I will say…things are looking good. 🙂

153 days to reach my goal…

Day 25 – St. Louis Saturday

My friend Cellie and I hit the road to St. Louis this morning for my sister’s 21st birthday. She turns 21 tomorrow, which makes me feel really old! I know I will have some drinks and bad food because we are going to Fast Eddie’s Bon Air. For those of you who don’t know what Fast Eddie’s is, it’s a huge bar in Alton, IL where they pump out over 2,000 cases of Anheuser Busch products a week! They have $1 burgers, $1 brats, $0.29 cod shrimp, $2.99 tenderloin skewers, etc. Basically, delicious eats for cheap and cold beers. It should be fun and I’m looking forward to it, but I WON’T be counting my calories tomorrow lol.

I went for a run today with my family dog Sadie. I burned 510 calories, even with her holding me up. 🙂 She’s so cute and I love taking her out, but she has to stop at every pole, tree, etc. to sniff and pee. Needless to say, this slows me down and gets me off pace!

Cellie and I went to a country “dance club” tonight called Electric Cowboy. It was pretty entertaining to say the least! I had 2 Bud Selects (198 calories) so I didn’t go over my calorie goal for the day. Consumption was as follows:

180 calories – 3 turkey sausage patties
51 calories – 3 egg whites
7 calories – 2 tomato slices
35 calories – 1 slice of low carb whole wheat toast
80 calories – 1 pint of skim milk
110 calories – Special K Sea Salt Chips
60 calories – 1 oz. beef jerky
290 calories – 6 inch Subway turkey sandwich
130 calories – Baked Lays chips
10 calories – Grape Amino Acid drink
92 calories – 23 sweet cherries
10 calories – Minute Maid Lemonade Light
240 calories – 5.5 oz salmon
100 calories – 1/2 cup rice
60 calories – Dinner side salad w/ 2 TBSP light Italian dressing
198 calories – 2 Bud Select beers

Total caloric intake = 1,653 calories (1,710 allowed)

154 days to reach my goal…

Day 24 – Frozen Friday

Wow, today was a day from hell. I woke up to what looked like light snow. No big deal, it’s Chicago. I hit the road at 6:30 a.m., as I had to be at a training for work by 8:15 a.m. Yeah – that definitely did not happen. The roads were HORRIBLE. I did not get to the meeting until 9:20 a.m. 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive 35 miles….on an empty stomach! Needless to say, my morning was not pretty and I was very cranky. Fortunately, when the training was over at 12:00 p.m., we were free to go for the day. My colleagues Sarah and Ewa and I went to Panera and had lunch before hitting the gym. As much as I wanted broccoli cheddar soup, a french baguette and a Sierra turkey sandwich to calm my stress, I went with the more healthy options, as you’ll see below.

When we got to the gym, I was to the point I didn’t even want to work out. After a rough morning, working out was actually the last thing I wanted to do. I’m glad the girls pushed me because after my workout, I felt great! I put on some Rammstein and ran my heart out. I even got up to a 7.0 on the treadmill for 3-4 minutes straight. That is HUGE for me, considering I normally run at a 5.8 average. I’m trying to get faster and feel it getting easier so I’m doing speed intervals and taking baby steps. 🙂 After running for 45 minutes, we went and lifted weights for another 45 minutes. Back, shoulders, biceps. I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow. 🙂 All in all, I burned 620 calories at the gym.

In addition to the gym, I had swimming lessons tonight. Week 2 and they went great!!! Everyone in my class was complimenting how well I swim which I was very surprised! My teacher even used me as an example as I swam the 20 yards (unbeknownst to me). When I came up, he informed me that he was complimenting me and that I did a great job. Now let me just say..I have NEVER played a sport in my life, and the times I have hasn’t been pretty. I think I have found “my sport” per se. I can’t wait to practice and for next Friday night to come! I may be officially addicted. 🙂 Anyways, MyFitnessPal says I burned 316 calories leisurely swimming for 45 minutes (it’s really and hour – but we don’t swim back and forth for an hour straight).

So here is what I consumed today. I missed the gourmet breakfast that the hotel served, and I was famished by the time I got there so my choices were limited. It was either cheese/cherry danishes, chocolate croissants or small muffins. I opted for the  muffin, which ended up having chocolate chips in it. Oh well. I’m not sure how many calories were in it, but I looked it up on MyFitnessPal and it said 213 so I’m going with that. They also only had 2% milk for my coffee, and I had 3 cups of coffee to try and keep me full/awake so I am guessing I had about a cup of 2% milk. Not the healthiest breakfast, but I needed fuel…FAST…after a 2:45 commute.

213 calories – 1 small chocolate chip muffin
122 calories – 1 cup of 2% milk (for coffee)
80 calories – Panera low fat chicken noodle soup
80 calories – 1 apple from Panera
210 calories – 1/2 Panera smoked turkey sandwich on whole grain
210 calories – Protein bar post workout
100 calories – 1/2 cup brown rice
180 calories – 4 oz broiled salmon w/ 1/2 tsp olive oil, salt, pepper
20 calories – 12 asparagus spears
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
53 calories – 1 small fuji apple
45 calories – 5 dark chocolate covered acai berries

Total caloric intake = 1,413 calories (2,136 allowed)

155 days to reach my goal…