Day 6 – A New Week!

Today was a great day, which you rarely hear me say on a Monday. I woke up feeling refreshed and ate a mushroom and broccoli frittata that I cooked up last night. Yum! Let me know if you want the recipe. 🙂

Work was great and I was able to get a 5 mile run in on lunch – burned 615 calories in 55 minutes which felt awesome! This may be TMI, but it’s almost “that time of the month” for me. The reason I mention this is because as my ladies reading this know, the hormones rage and the cravings are insatiable. I go from salty, sweet, salty, sweet and for the first time in 6 days, my killer sweet tooth kicked in. 😦

Now anyone who knows me knows I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee desserts, especially chocolate chip cookies. A coworker gave me 5 dark chocolate covered blueberries this afternoon which satisfied that sweet tooth, but the salty and sweet cravings kicked into full gear as soon as I got home this evening. I had tostito chips (satisfied in the salt department failed in the health department), but I opted for 1/2 protein shake instead of 1/2 Twix bar. And for that, I am very proud!

I’m trying not to obsess over the fact that I’m eating these tostito chips, but I think it’s time to throw them out because they are too tempting. And when I’ve had them 3 days in a row (portioned out of course, and never above my daily limits), the reality is that – I don’t want to see this bag gone in a week. But here comes my other problem – wasting food. I don’t want to throw them out because I don’t want to waste them. Ugh – anyone have any tricks to overcome these feelings and just “let go”? Sounds pathetic but it’s true – I cannot throw food away. Anyways, I’m exhausted and ready for bed so here is my daily intake:

185 calories – Mushroom and broccoli egg white fritatta with cheddar cheese
55 calories – 1 slice of whole grain toast
13 calories – Chai tea with 1/2 tsp German rock sugar
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
105 calories – 1 medium banana
10 calories – Amino acid energy supplement
120 calories – 1/2 cup tuna
20 calories – 3 oz. lettuce
25 calories – 2 TSP homemade creamy garlic dressing
20 calories – 1/2 cup hearts of palm
30 calories – 1/2 cup steamed broccoli
41 calories – 1/2 grapefruit
110 calories – 5 whole wheat sesame crackers
33 calories – 5 dark chocolate covered blueberries (to die for and kicked the afternoon sweet tooth)
280 calories – 26 tostito chips (skipped afternoon snack = famished when I got home)
180 calories – 4 oz broiled salmon with 1/2 tsp olive oil, salt pepper
100 calories – 1/2 cup brown rice
25 calories12 asparagus spears
120 calories – Chocolate protein shake (evening sweet tooth kicked in)

TOTAL CALORIC INTAKE = 1,572 calories (1,815 was my allowance) 

173 days to reach my goal…


One thought on “Day 6 – A New Week!”

  1. Hi darling! So proud of you. You are doing a fantastic job! I was going to see if you wanted to get together for a run and recipe swap this weekend. Let me know 🙂

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