Day 11 – Race Day Saturday!

Today was awesome! I ran the 10K Polar Dash in 1:07:50 and last year I ran it in 1:12:36. I shaved almost a minute off of my mile so I’m super pumped! It was snowing and 16 degrees last year and this year was dry and 50 degrees, but I’ll still take it! Overall, it was a great race. Big thanks, hugs and kisses to two of my best friends Ula and Annie that came out to support me!

Afterwards, Ula and I went to Whole Foods and had some yummy salads for lunch. Tonight all of us girls are going to dinner at Blue Agave, which is a Mexican restaurant here in Chicago. Talk about absolute temptation!! All of my favorites in one place – friends, Mexican food and margaritas! I am going to stick to my guns though and not drink alcohol. This sound pathetic, but Monday will be two weeks since I had a sip of alcohol. I don’t remember the last time that I went this long without having a drink in some form (glass of wine, beer, etc.). I probably sound like an alcoholic typing that, but as I’ve said friends are always out doing something and usually, some sort of drinking is involved. I was going to eat a meal before so I could just get a small salad or something at dinner, but after my run, I am feeling quite tired and don’t want to be “that person” at the table not eating or drinking. I am scouring the menu now to see if there is any way that I can get something healthy or a healthier version of it. I will talk to the waitress and see what I can get. I burned 952 calories during the run so it’s not like the meal will hurt me per se, but these are the healthy habits that I need to learn…how to order when eating out, how to eat only half a portion, etc. This is where I always slip up and this is also the first time since I started my diet that I will be eating out. I’m interested to see how I handle it. I am going to post this before I go out and let you know how it goes tomorrow.

With that said, I ran the 10K and burned 952 calories, allowing me 2,152 calories for the day. Food consumed prior to Operation Mexican food is as follows:

200 calories – 2 TBSP peanut butter
53 calories – 1 small fuji apple
225 calories – 1 small whole wheat bagel – post race (I am completely guessing at this – it wasn’t a huge bagel like the ones you buy in the store or get at Panera, but it wasn’t a mini bagel – it was right in between so I’m going with 225 since the minis are usually around 150 and the bigs are 300)
200 calories – Whole Foods Salad mix (another guess but I didn’t have any dressing – all veggies/lettuce)
60 calories – 1 container of coconut water post race
45 calories – 5 dark chocolate covered acai berries

Total caloric intake BEFORE dinner = 783 calories
2,152 – 783 = 1,369 calories to consume at dinner 

I’m hoping I can get my dinner and still be under the 1,369 calories. How do you all tackle these issues? Ufff….

168 days to reach my goal…

UPDATE: Just got home and for dinner I ended up having 3 tacos on corn tortillas. I had grilled tilapia on one of them and grilled shrimp on the other 2. I omitted the cheese, sour cream, etc. and only put lettuce, salsa and cilantro on them. Corn tortillas are 50 calories each so I’m going to say each taco was around 150 calories? I did have black beans as well, which I’m going to say were another 150 calories..and then steamed veggies on the side. All in all, I’m guessing I consumed around 650 calories for dinner and I DID NOT drink. It was tempting, but I didn’t give in and am glad I didn’t! When I got home, I felt sooo hungry so considering I still had a ton of calories left, I had a 230 calorie CLIF bar, which puts me at 1,663 calories consumed total and 489 calories left for the day. Not bad at all!


One thought on “Day 11 – Race Day Saturday!”

  1. I do the same thing – we will be going out to eat later this month for hubby’s birthday with a lot of his family. I’ve decided since I do want to have a glass of red wine I will run that day and I’ve been checking out the menu online & have already decided what my order will be. That’s the best you can do – go in with a plan & stick to it!

    Great job on your race & improved time – enjoy your celebration & yummy food – you earned it!! 🙂

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