Day 14 – The End of Week Two

The end of week two has arrived. Weigh-in will be tomorrow morning so I want to reflect on the past two weeks.

Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like it has been two weeks since I started this. I feel like I started last week. That’s a good thing, right? I think so. It’s proof that once you start to change your mindset and look at it as a lifestyle change, not a “diet”, then it’s easier and just becomes “normal”. I feel that I have slipped up more than I would have liked (like when I ended up finishing that banana nut bread last night after blogging and logging my food intake for the day). But, the reality is that this is going to happen and the fact that I accept that and stay get back on task the next day is a huge milestone for me. Before, I always thought “well I ate like crap yesterday so I might as well eat like crap the rest of the week and start over next week”. That happened ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Now, I just think – okay, I had this, so what…just be better tomorrow…and whereas I don’t want this thinking to become the norm and am doing it every day, I am trying not to be hard on myself like I was in the past.

On another note, does anybody know how to calculate calories from homemade juices? For instance, I was rushing out the door this morning for work and needed to have some fuel FAST! So I threw 2 stalks of celery, a foot long cucumber, a small apple, a medium pear and half of a piece of ginger root in my juicer and wah-lah…had quite a tasty juice! The only problem is, I don’t know how to calculate the calories! I think I’m just going to calculate them as if I ate them.

All over the board here, but I didn’t get a work out in today unfortunately. Aunt Flo (that time of the month for us ladies) hit town and let’s just say I feel like death. I hope it doesn’t impact my weigh-in in the morning but I’m sure it will. 😦 Anyhow, working out at the gym on lunch tomorrow with my coworkers so looking forward to that! Today’s diet was as follows:

244 calories – Homemade veggie/fruit juice (1 ft. cucumber = 55 cals, 2 celery stalks = 20 cals, 1 medium pear = 96 cals, 1 small apple = 53 calls, 1/2 ginger root = 20 cals.)
190 calories – Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bar
200 calories – Whole Foods salad (lettuce, spinach, pico de gallo, fresh veggies, lemon juice)
93 calories – Starbucks grande non-fat cappuccino
50 calories – 1 cup of strawberries
119 calories – 4 oz tilapia filet with 1/4 tsp olive oil, salt pepper
100 calories – 1/2 cup brown rice
33 calories – 1.5 oz kale with 1/4 tsp olive oil
90 calories – dark chocolate covered acai berries

Total caloric intake = 1,119 calories (under 1,200 calorie mark)

165 days to reach my goal…


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