Day 30 – One Month Down!

Today…today my friends was a glorious day! I woke up and guess what the first thing I did was? Yep, you got it…I weighed myself. I am happy to announce that…


I think the last time I weighed 150 was when I was 2 years old. Haha ok all kidding aside, I do not remember the last time I weighed 150. I feel that I went from 130 to 170 (my all time heaviest). All I know now is that I feel GREAT and can’t wait to see my progress continue. So that puts me down a total of 8 pounds in one month – YIPPEEE!!!!

Now onto the fun stuff: MEASUREMENTS! If you refer back to my first post, my original measurements were as follows:

Neck: 13 inches/33 centimeters
Biceps: 11.5 inches/29.2 centimeters
Bust: 37.5 inches/95.3 centimeters
Waist (around belly button): 35 inches/88.9 centimeters
Hips: 41.5 inches/105.4 centimeters
Thighs (around thickest part): 23 inches/58.4 centimeters

I’m happy to report that at the end of month one, my measurements are as follows:

Neck: 13 inches/33 centimeters (no difference)
Biceps: 11.5 inches/29.2 centimeters (no difference)
Bust: 36 inches/91.4 centimeters (lost 1.5 inches/3.9 centimeters)
Waist: 32 inches/81.3 centimeters (lost 3 inches/7.6 centimeters)
Hips: 39.5 inches/100.3 centimeters (lost 2 inches/5.1 centimeters)
Thighs: 22.5 inches/57.2 centimeters (lost .5 inches/1.2 centimeters)

In addition to seeing the scale go down, it is even more motivating to see the inches go down! I was shocked when I saw how significant some of these numbers were, especially around my waist! I see myself every day so I suppose it’s hard to actually realize when you are losing inches, but hey – the tape measure does not lie! It also leads me to my next point, which is what I need to be better at doing as I continue this journey. I need to try and not focus so much on the scale and focus more on how I look and feel. Everyone always says this, but we never take their advice or our own for that matter. But it is so true! Reflecting on the past month, I was (and still am) bummed when I didn’t lose any weight for a few days or a week. Or I may have been up a pound higher than I was the previous week. At the end of the day, one’s weight fluctuates so much that it’s really confusing, especially if you’re working out like crazy and building muscle. I will continue to watch the scale, but now that I have measurements in, I’m going to try and not be so obsessive about it. 🙂

After lunch today, I started to feel very weighed down and tired. Not sure why, but I had a bit more coffee/caffeine then I normally would. After work, I went to the gym for 45 minutes and did some treadmill running, but my legs started to cramp up really bad so I switched the stair master. I did that for 32 minutes and burned 422 in total during my workout.

I’m really tired this evening so I don’t feel like setting up my camera and taking pictures, but I PROMISE I will take them this weekend. 🙂 It will probably be Saturday morning when I wake up since I have swimming tomorrow night after work. And I’m meeting my coworkers at the gym before work tomorrow so with that said, here is my food count for the day and I am off to bed!

85 calories – 5 egg whites
105 calories – 1 medium banana
115 calories – 1 cup of cheerios w/ 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
15 calories – 1.5 tsp non dairy creamer with coffee
490 calories – Chipotle veggie burrito bowl (brown rice, fajita mix, black beans, pico de gallo, dash of spicy salsa, dash of sour cream, dash of cheese, very little guacamole, lettuce)
8 calories – 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk in coffee
109 calories – 1 large fuji apple
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
10 calories – amino acid energy drink
100 calories – 100 calorie bag of popcorn
110 calories – 1 brown rice cake with 1/2 TBSP peanut butter
185 calories – mushroom and broccoli frittata

Total caloric intake = 1,432 calories (1,622 allowed)

149 days to reach my goal…


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