Day 35 – The End of Week Five

Today was one of the hardest days yet that I’ve had on this transformation. I do not know what it was, but man – I was hungry non-stop and had all of these crazy cravings! Maybe it’s being on the road and having a $50 per day per diem? The morning started out fine. I was actually quite proud of myself because I always stay at Hilton Hotels when I travel. Some of them have these breakfast bagels that are sliced in half, toasted, and topped with scrambled eggs, ham and cheese. I LOVE these things and would typically eat one or two. I got one this morning, took one bite, and was like “Ew”. I don’t know if my taste buds changed or WHAT, but it was not as good as I remember. So I threw it out and went for a box of small corn flakes (only “healthy” cereal they had) and some fruit. I also had the tiniest portion of scrambled eggs w/ham and cheese…but nothing of significance. I just wanted some type of protein!

Anyways, lunch was quite difficult because the office ordered the food, meaning I had no say over what was there. In theory, I could have gone out and done lunch on my own, but considering I paid for the lunch to be brought in, I didn’t want my manager to question my extra expense. So I went with a turkey sub sandwich (only half), wiped the mayo off, and a side salad. The sandwich was DELICIOUS and it was sooo hard to not go back and get the other half. I resisted though..and am drooling about it as I type this now. haha. The bread was so soft and the flavors were unlike any sandwich I had ever had. Ufff. It was from a place called LaRosa’s Pizzeria and wow, delicious is all I have to say. Anyways, their website said half of the sandwich only had 209 calories, but there was bacon on this one so I went up to 300 for it. Not bad all things considered, but dinner is what got me..and I’m so mad I gave in…..

The two instructors and I went to a place called Logan’s Roadhouse. It’s just like Texas Roadhouse and the food was pretty good. I did good for my dinner (6 oz sirloin, steamed broccoli, side salad), but what I am MAD about was the dinner roll. I ate one because I was starving and thought it might be 100-150 calories. NO – 227 CALORIES!!!!!!!!! FOR A ROLL!!! What a RIP OFF! That was almost as much as my steak (which was 250). Grrrrr…I could have gotten a bigger portion of steak for that amount. So, it put me over my calories for the day which I’m also mad about, but considering I have been significantly under the past few days, I don’t think it will hurt me. It’s just frustrating and you can better believe I will think twice before eating bread at a restaurant now. Absolutely ridiculous!

I went to the gym after dinner (before I knew the bread count) and was not feeling it. I’m quite exhausted to maybe that’s why, but I ended up just doing the elliptical for 45 minutes and burning 350 calories. Definitely not a hard workout as I normally would have done so I’m hoping I have more energy tomorrow to get a good one in. I also had a major sweet tooth after dinner (prior to finding out about that stupid roll) and went to McDonalds and got their low fat ice cream in a cone. 170 calories which isn’t horrible, considering that’s what a Skinny Cow ice cream is about. I needed something sweet (PMS-ing for sureeeee) and it definitely helped it. So all it all, even with the roll and dining out, I still think I did okay…even if I’m over by 60 calories for the day.
Gotta wake up early and drive back to Chicago so I’m hittin’ the hay! I won’t be able to weigh-in tomorrow morning (which is when I always weigh-in) so I will weigh-in for ya’ll Thursday and let you know where I am. Hoping to be 149 by then….

100 calories – small bowl of fruit (pineapple, grapes, melon)
100 calories – 1 small box of cornflakes (80 cals) w/ 1/4 cup skim milk (20 cals)
25 calories – coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk
75 calories – a few bites of scrambled eggs with ham/cheese
75 calories – Salad with fat free hone dijon and real bacon
300 calories – Half sub sandwich w/turkey, mayo (wiped off), bacon, tomato (full one is 418 via their website w/o bacon)
72 calories – 1 medium granny smith apple
121 calories – 1 large banana
227 calories – 1 dinner roll at Logan’s Roadhouse – NOT WORTH IT! DAMN!
45 calories – steamed broccoli
250 calories – 6 oz. health nut sirloin steak at Logan’s Roadhouse
50 calories – side dinner salad
170 calories – McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone

Total caloric intake = 1,610 calories (1,550 allowed)

144 days to reach my goal…


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