Day 42 – The End of Week Six and Happy Fat Tuesday!

Today started off pretty good. I went to the gym, burned 460 calories and was feeling great! It started to go downhill as soon as I went to one of my favorite restaurant’s in Chicago for dinner – Quartino’s.

My friend Christine (or Plebs as we call her) was in from out of town so the plan was to have a few drinks/apps amongst us girls, catch up and call it a night. Well, as I’m sure you can guess, that did not happen. It turned into a big production and not only did I drink red wine, but I ate like crap. But hey – it’s Fat Tuesday so I indulged a little bit. I tried to be strong and keep it healthy, but you don’t understand – at this place, the food is amazing. It is tapas style – small plates that we all ate off of. We ordered all of my favorites – fondue, pizza, calamari, eggplant parmigiana, prosciutto wrapped dates, bread/olive oil. Oh yeah – I ate every. single. one. LOL.

I was starting to beat myself up, but then my friend Joanna and Annie reminded me to take a step back and remember: This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change. This type of stuff is going to happen, and it’s not realistic to drive myself crazy, counting every single calorie for every single meal, for the rest of my life. Plus, this was only my third “big time” cheat meal in 6 weeks AND I have been significantly under my calories most days. The key is to not let bad eating spiral out of control and to just make sure I push the restart button the next morning…which is exactly what I’m going to do! 

So first thing in the morning? RESTART. But I won’t be stepping on the scale this week. ha! Not only because of this feast I had, but also because I am bloating and retaining water. So, I’ll update you on my weight next week. Remember – my goal is to be 145 by February 28th. 🙂 Food count up until Quartino’s was…..

45 calories – Celery/Cucumber/Ginger juice (made in juicer)
110 calories – 1 cup of green grapes
200 calories – 1/2 cheese paczki
55 calories – 1/2 cup 1% fat milk in 2 cups of coffee
72 calories – 1 extra small banana
202 calories – 6 whole wheat sesame crackers w/ 1 oz. goat cheese
103 calories – 1/2 medium sweet potato
179 calories – 1 large fuji apple w/ 1 oz brie cheese

Total caloric intake = 966 calories BEFORE QUARTINO’s (1660 allowed)

137 days to reach my goal…


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