Day 47 – Sunny Sunday

Slept in today and it felt so great. I was so tired and hope that I’m not getting sick! My Dad went to the doctor today and found out he has strep throat. This is nooo good because I took a bite of his burger yesterday. Ugh. Crossing fingers I don’t catch it!

I went with my pup on a long run this afternoon…just over 4 miles and 515 calories burned. After my run, I went with my Dad to shoot guns on my uncle’s property. Had sooo much fun! My parents and I did dinner tonight so it was hard to count the calories, but I kept it pretty healthy overall. I did not count calories, but I did keep track of what I ate:

3/4 cup grape nuts cereal
1/2 cup 2% milk
1 piece of bacon
1 granola bar
1 mahi mahi filet at dinner
6 spears of asparagus
1 salad
1 stuffed cannelloni

I feel like I’ve been slipping up a lot this past week and getting off track. I dined out a lot and had a killer sweet tooth, which really screwed everything up. But, as I’ve said all week, I’m not going to let it bring me down. It happens and as I said yesterday, this is the first bad week I’ve had and I’m almost going into week 8. I have not gained which is good…and I’m still working out. So all in all, I just got a little derailed. Tomorrow begins a new week and time to amp it up. My goal is to be 145 by next Thursday so time to get these wheels into serious motion!

132 days to rach my goal…


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