Day 58 – The End of Month Two!

Today was the end of month two. I can’t believe it. Given that it was a shorter month, I’m going to weigh-in/measure/take pictures on Saturday for you all.

Ula and I went to a fashion show tonight which was awesome and so much fun. It really gave me this new inspiration to be more fashionable – to learn how to accessorize and incorporate different materials, textures and colors into my wardrobe. So as I slowly start to revamp my clothing (since everything is becoming too big), I will make a goal to buy more quality, versatile pieces. It may mean spending more money on them, but in the long run, I will be more confident in myself and happy with my purchases.

After the show, we went for a quick bite at a Greek restaurant. I had some calamari, Greek lemon/chicken soup and a cabbage salad. I don’t know what the calorie count was, but I’m pretty sure I went over my limit today. I did work out on lunch, burning 427 calories, so I was happy to at least get that in to get the extra consumption calories.

On another note, I have found myself really slipping up a lot lately…eating out, not cooking at home, eating sweets, drinking wine, etc. I know that it’s not healthy to stop my life and stop the social piece of going out with friends, but at the same time, I recognize that this is how it always happens. I start off really good…then, I start slipping up more and more…then go back to being good for a few days….then I’m bad again…and eventually, I lose all motivation and will power. I find my mind thinking, “well you’ve done great losing the weight so here, cheat 10 times this week instead of once”. I think the fact that I recognize it will help me not go off the deep end this time around, but friends – I’m really needing some new found motivation to stop from doing this! I haven’t gained, which at the end of the day is ultimately what I care about, but I don’t to derail either. So if you have any tips, advice, etc. to help me not do this, I would appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

Food for the day:

240 calories – thinkThink crunchy peanut butter protein bar
30 calories – Dunkin Donuts Coffee with Skim Milk
150 calories – 2 Samoas Girl Scout Cookies
125 calories – 1 cup of Trader Joes O’s w/ 1/2 cup almond milk
25 calories – 3 oz arugula, 3 oz spinach
194 calories – 1 small avocado
45 calories – 1 small tangelo
100 calories – 1 TBSP peanut butter
53 calories – 1 small fuji apple
25 calories – 3 oz steamed broccoli
120 calories – 4 oz. mahi mahi w/ 1/4 tsp olive oil
100 calories – 1/2 cup brown rice
? – Greek food at restaurant

1,207 calories consumed before Greek food (1,627 allowed)
I probably slightly went over this…

121 days to reach my goal…

Burned 427 calories


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