Day 61 – Cheat Day Sunday

Update from yesterday: I did pretty good! Didn’t log my food, but I kept it very healthy AND went to the gym for two hours. I burned 1,030 calories running and doing the stairmaster. No weights, just cardio. Didn’t do anything last night – just kept it chill, relaxed and went to bed.

But boy ohhh boy was today a huge cheat day. haha. Started off the day right – woke up early and ate a healthy breakfast before the walking tour of Chicago, but it all went downhill after that. I went to Knightwood for brunch and they have a very limited menu. Not only did I have two bloody mary’s, but I also had rabbit chili topped with a fried egg and sour cream. A piece of warm, gooey cornbread accompanied the meal and I ate every single bit. So, so, SO good.

Afterwards, I went to the Art Museum and walked around – looked at Picasso’s exhibit and really took all the art work in. In the 8.5 years I have lived in Chicago, I have never been to the Chicago Art Museum. Can you believe it?!? World famous and it was my first time there! Definitely a must for those out of towners coming to visit. 🙂

Dinner time came and I went to Uncle Julio’s Hacienda where I proceeded to have enchiladas, chips, rice, and beans. Then, I went home and had girl scout cookies! Ufffff! I was just having a bad craving day and wanted everything in sight. I did manage to get in a 45 minute run, burning 500 calories, not to mention however many I burned doing the 2 hour walking tour of Chicago AND art museum. So, I’m not too worried. 🙂


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