Day 63 – Snow Day Tuesday

Wow, today was super stressful. So stressful that I am not even going to log what I ate, because most of it was Girl Scout Cookies and Dark Chocolate Acai Berries. I did have some eggs this morning and a salad for lunch…some veggies and dip as a snack…and some cereal for dinner. But…throughout most of the day, I ate cookies and berries….and had a glass of white wine.

Which brings me to my next point – why did I do this to myself? Why did I eat like this? I only feel like crap and it stresses me out even more then I already am, which has brought me to the realization that I eat like crap when I’m stressed. Why am I stressed you ask? Well, I’m not using my blog as a venting avenue, but let’s just say that it probably has something to do with $1,000 in tickets and $500 in keys that are all coming due at once. Not to mention someone hit my brand new car and now I have a scratch on the bumper or the fact that my couch is broken and I still haven’t fixed it. What do they say – when it rains it pours? I just need a vacation to get away from it all, but oh yeah, that’s right – all of this crap I have to pay for could be my vacation so I can’t take one!

Ok I’m off my soap box. I just needed to get that off my chest and take a step back and be so thankful for the things I do have. I have an amazing job, friends, family, and support system. I have a car to drive, a warm house to wake up in, and food on my table. I live in one of the best cities in the world and have done some amazing things in my 26 years (almost 27). I know there are many more amazing journeys that await as well. I feel like a brat venting about all of the stuff that has gone wrong lately, but it’s just all of these things coming onto me at once and I want to cave. I just have to stay positive and remain hopeful that it will only get better from here.

I think the first part of this…and probably most important…is acknowledging that I turn to food for comfort. I don’t turn to alcohol or drugs or cigarettes..but I turn to food. I need to learn how to shift this and turn to something like exercise..or meditation..or yoga…but all I can think about is sweets and “bad” food and how they are going to help me feel better. Wow, I sound like a fat ass right now haha but it’s so true. I feel like every blog of mine has said this for the past week, but tomorrow is a new day. And, I am going to take all of the Girl Scout Cookies that I do have left and leave them in the office kitchen area at work. That way, other people can enjoy them and I don’t come home tomorrow night and down an entire box. 🙂

Thanks for listening and let’s get back at this tomorrow!!!

116 days to reach my goal…


2 thoughts on “Day 63 – Snow Day Tuesday”

  1. Hang in there girl. I’m sorry you had a tough day and are stressed out. I’m the same way though, I get stressed & think ice cream or fried food will comfort me. When I do cave, I just get a tummy ache!! Bummer. Look at how far you’ve come though, a bad day or a bad week won’t ruin you so don’t let it bring you down too much. Take some deep breaths or a warm bath and write down a plan (writing helps me a lot when I’m stressed). I’m really proud of you & am rooting for you!!

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