Day 73, 74 and 75 – A Wild Weekend!

Wow, what a wild weekend it was! As I said, I was not going to be logging calories with Francois in from out of town, but all things considered, I still managed to be good and also worked out. I made smart eating decisions when I could and definitely indulged a lot more than usual, but I prepared myself for it and am not beating myself up. Monday will start detox and no, not a an actual detox diet, just very clean eating. I’m going to try and eliminate as many processed foods as I can and workout every day so I can hopefully drop these 4 pounds by Sunday, March 31st. Even if I only get to 141 or 142, I will be happy. I know March has been a tough month and I definitely have not been as strict as I first was so if I just lock down and eat clean, I’m confident I can get there. Plus, 135 is my goal by June so I still have some time…so starting tomorrow, we’ll see where I get to! 🙂

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