Day 81 and 82 – Weekends, You Kill Me!

The title says it all. Weekends have been KILLING me. Now that I am getting to a weight/image that I am extremely happy with, I am finding myself relaxing more often than usual, drinking, eating out, etc. This is fine, if I was at the end of my journey and in maintenance mode, but I’m not there yet. So yes, that is why I am being hard on myself about this. 🙂

Saturday I did not do too bad eating wise. In fact, I only had chocolate protein pancakes in the morning. I didn’t get a workout in because I slept in, was running around like crazy before meeting my friend at 5 for drinks, and then met my Aunt and Uncle for dinner at 9. That was the only other time I ate so food wise (soup, scallops, asparagus and a few bites of mashed potatoes), I think I was okay. But I did have a few martinis, which probably set my calorie intake WAYYY over for the day. Ah well.

Sunday I woke up, went for a 45 minute run (burned 437 calories) and then went and met my Aunt and Uncle for lunch. I had a chorizo egg white omelette….wiiiithhhh truffle fries. I can’t go to Rockit and NOT get truffle fries (I have a truffle addiction). ha! Then I met Francois at the airport and we went to Hoffbrau Haus Chicago and I had 2 small beers and some cheese/crackers and a pretzel. I then went and met Annie for church and the gym, where I worked out for a second time, burning 563 calories (38% of them being from fat – GREAT!). That gave me a total of 1,000 burned for the day…so hopefully it evens out the weekend…haha. I went home, had some steakhouse left overs (2 scallops, a little piece of lobster and steak, potatoes, and asparagus) and passed out.


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