Day 95 – Springy Saturday!

Today in Chicago was BEAUTIFUL! Ursula and I woke up bright and early and went to pick up our race packets for the Shamrock Shuffle tomorrow. We will be running this AWESOME 8K with 40,000 other participants so a great time is sure to be had. It sells out every year so we are pumped to be running it for the second year in a row.

I had every intention of working out and eating healthy today – until we stopped in a wine shop and did a sampling. We fell in love with a Malbec so we went to a BYOB place for dinner and split calamari and a pasta. Ah well – Monday I am back at it FULL FORCE. Annie is back from Peru, and we will start Kris Gethin’s 12 weeks body building plan (see link below). Thanks to Cortney for sharing it! We will modify the diet portion, as it’s not sustainable, but he does offer good advice on what kind of proteins, carbs and supplements to have. Can’t wait to start this program and see the results. I’m not trying to be muscle woman here, but he does give great workouts for every muscle area and Cortney has loved it so super excited to check it out!

Anyways, off to bed. Need to get rest for the race tomorrow. I didn’t log calories, but ate the following:

Coffee with milk
Egg white veggie omelette w/ fresh fruit, 1 slice of whole wheat toast
Red Wine
Vegan chocolate chip cookie

84 days to reach my goal…



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