Day 96 – Shamrock Shuffle Sunday!

Today was a defining moment in both my race and training history. Today really made me realize that all of my hard work and training has been paying off. I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8K here in Chicago and finished in 46 minutes, 48 seconds. That is a 9 minute, 25 second/mile pace. Pffffff! My time last year was 53 minutes, 32 seconds, meaning I shaved almost 1 minute, 23 seconds off my mile. That’s pretty huge if you ask me, especially because I tend to run a 10:00 – 10:30 mile most days. Out of 33,219 runners, I placed 13,247. Out of 19,231 females, I placed 5,222. And, out of 5,020 people in my division (25-29 yrs old), I placed 1,631. These are pretty significant numbers, and I am soooooooooo happy! Can’t believe it! Thanks to Ula for helping push me along – we really made sure each other stayed focused and kept running. Ah! ❤

With that said, I ate a ton today. Ha. I felt so hungry all day. We walked a lot after the race so I probably ended up burning closer to 800 calories for the day (600 burned during race) so I’m not frettin! Tomorrow starts intense weight training so can’t wait to see how that goes! Anyways, great weekend overall. Off to Omaha, NB in the morning so off to bed I go! Night all!

130 calories – Pistachios
90 calories – 1 small banana
90 calories – 1 small banana
90 calories – 1 chocolate chip granola bar
210 calories – 1 bag of Sun Chips
25 calories – 1 small coffee w/ milk
130 calories – 1 bowl of Trader Joes O’s w/ almond milk
100 calories – 2 Twix Mini’s
180 calories – 1 medium fuji apple w/ 1 TBSP peanut butter
260 calories – 1 Trader Joe’s fat free organic burrito
505 calories – Slim #1 from Jimmy Johns
74 calories – lactose free ice cream
80 calories – dark chocolate chips

Total caloric intake = 1,964 calories consumed (1,800-2,000 allowed)

83 days to reach my goal…


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