Day 105 – Chest and Triceps

Woke up feeling pretty good this morning! A little sore from yesterday’s workout, but I have a feeling tomorrow will be worse. Eeeek! I stayed on track healthy eating wise, even though Potbellys was catered in for lunch at the office. Yes, those delicious sandwiches, cold potato salad, and jumbo, gooey chocolate chip cookies were staring me right in the face…and I refused. I was SO proud because part of me almost grabbed one of each and said “screw it”. But those urges are exactly the ones I need to fight! Once in awhile is fine, but I ate dessert every night this weekend so I did not NEED that cookie (even though it took every cell in my brain to tell me that)! I went back to my desk and had a protein bar instead and I was satisfied – out of site, out of mind. 🙂

Anyways, tonight’s workout was brutal. Did some familiar moves, as well as some new ones. It was Day 2 of the weight training program and I did the following:

Cardio = 20 minutes of Stairmaster
Flat Dumbbell Press = 3 warm-up sets (6-10 reps), 3 sets to failure (6-10 reps), 2 sets to failure (6-10 reps)
Incline Flyes = 2 sets to failure (8-15 reps)
Straight Arm Pullover = 2 sets to failure (10-12 reps)
Rope Extension = 3 sets to failure (10-12 reps)
Lying Cable Extensions = 3 sets to failure (10-12 reps)

I didn’t get the last minutes of cardio in that I was supposed to do because of parking again. These weights take FOREVER so on my “rest days” I will just be sure to amp up the cardio and do what I missed on weight days when I don’t have a ton of time (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Saturdays and Sundays will be weight days but I have more unlimited time so I can also just add 10 minutes each day for what I miss during the week. It will all even out in the end. 🙂 Just sucks because it gives me less calories to eat throughout the week. Ah well. I burned 330 calories tonight and food intake was as follows:

225 calories – 1 cup of oatmeal w/ 1/2 cup blueberries, slither of butter
20 calories – 1/2 cup almond milk in coffee
68 calories – 4 hard boiled egg whites
64 calories – 1 medium grapefruit
130 calories – 1 slice of sprouted whole wheat bread w/ 2 TBSP vegan cream cheese, cucumbers
52 calories – 6 oz strawberries
30 calories – 3 TBSP coconut creamer in coffee
230 calories – thinkThin Cookies and Cream protein bar
160 calories – Pistachios
80 calories – 1 medium fuji apple
90 calories – 1 slice of bread with vegan cream cheese (had it in the car and was hungry before gym!)
160 calories – protein shake w/ almond milk
55 calories – 1 cup of steamed broccoli and 1 cup of steamed cauliflower

Total caloric intake = 1,424 calories (1,530 allowed)

74 days to reach my goal…

My arms are jello as I’m typing this!


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