Day 119 – Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The last day of April. Four months down and two more to go. I won’t be posting pictures or measurements this month, since I have not gained or lost. I am exactly the same weight and size, and as I said yesterday, cannot seem to find my mojo. I am thankful that I have not gained or lost, and I am still down 15 pounds from what I was when I started, but I need to lose these last 8 – 13 pounds. They are always the hardest, right? I think it’s time I educate myself thoroughly on eating and working out to maximize fat/weight loss and building muscle. Any tips will be much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Day 119 – Tuesday, April 30, 2013”

  1. I’m kinda in the same place! I’ve still been really good about my workouts and running, even ran an entire 12k yesterday but the scale isn’t moving much anymore. I’m down 17 lbs and would like to lose another 10ish. I think people say it’s good to really switch up your workouts which I’m going to try… I don’t have a gym membership but maybe I need a new strength video. I also am quite confident my fat:muscle ratio has shifted a lot so I know that affects weight, too. Maybe try to mix it up and try some new things. Does your gym offer classes? I’ve heard great things about Body Pump, it’s an hour long strength class that works each muscle for 1 song and then moves on. Are you still doing the swimming? We can do this girl we’ve done great so far!! Also, go back and read all your old blog posts. It will remind you why you started and how far you’ve come…. Back all the way from your war with that bag of Tostito chips!!!

    1. Amazing job, girl! 17 is FANTASTIC! 🙂 Have you switched up your diet any? Are you getting enough sleep? I read this awesome article today – check it out:

      Friday is my last day of swimming, but I have even lost a ‘bit of motivation to do that. I have been doing really good this week so far so let’s see if it sticks this weekend. That is where I find myself slip up the most. Ufffff! 🙂

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