Day 126 – More Motivated Than Ever!

So today was a harsh reality. I stepped on the scale and guess what I weighed? 147

Am I upset with myself? Yes and no. Yes because I let myself slip up. No because I know this is reality and it was bound to happen with the way I have been eating over the past two months. In fact, I think it is EXACTLY what I needed to get my mojo back and show me – Amanda, as soon as you start slipping up and not caring, the weight is going to come back on. Quick.

Now, I think the last time I weighed in for the blog here was awhile ago and I was 143 or 144. The lightest I ever saw myself (morning weight) was 140.8. So in reality, 147 only 3-5 pounds up from what I have been…and maybe it is just water weight/sodium and will come off after a week. I don’t know, but I do know that I do NOT like seeing this number. What. So. Ever. In fact, I weighed myself last night just to see what I was and the scale read 150. I about cried. Granted, I am on my period and had a booze/eating out filled weekend, but still – I refuse to let myself get there again and once more…this could not be more motivating to make me get my booty back to the grind. It is time to take these next 8 weeks seriously.

I did not want to go for a run tonight, but I kept that image of the scale in my mind and pushed myself to go. I did another 4.5 miles, burned 555 calories. Food intake for the day was:

250 calories – 1 cup of quinoa w/ a little butter, cinnamon, sprinkle of sugar
64 calories – 1 medium grapefruit
60 calories – 2% milk in coffee
110 calories – 1 cup of green grapes
120 calories – 1 cup of cheerios w/ 1/2 cup almond milk
80 calories – 1 medium fuji apple
170 calories – 1/2 cup white beans w/ 1 cup butternut squash soup
30 calories – 1 cup steamed broccoli
160 calories – 1/4 cup almonds
90 calories – 1 small banana
160 calories – 6 oz broiled tilapia w/ 1/2 tsp olive oil
25 calories – 1 cup cauliflower
100 calories – 1/2 cup rice
160 calories – chocolate protein shake w/almond milk

Total caloric intake = 1,579 calories (1,755 allowed = 176 calorie deficit post workout)
Total calorie deficit = 676

53 days to reach 130 pounds…


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