Day 133 – Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today I was so busy at work that I almost forgot to eat. Good thing and bad thing! Haha! I need to keep eating every few hours, but I was so focused and in the zone that I would get off schedule. I still managed to get most of my calories in for the day though (of course) need to watch it, as I’m not only doing a birthday dinner tomorrow, but my colleague/friend Sarah and I are doing birthday lunch…thai food. Mmmmm. So, two cheat meals in one day.  I am going to try and eat very lightly otherwise (egg whites for breakfast, no carbs, etc.) so let’s see how that goes!

I went for a run outside after work. A bit challenging considering I did legs yesterday and they feel like wood blocks. 🙂 Nonetheless, I ran then ran to the gym, did weights with Annie (shoulders, calves, abs) and ran home. I burned 651 calories total. Yahoo! I’m debating on getting up bright and early tomorrow and going to the gym before work or just using tomorrow as my rest day. I feel like I should burn off some of what I will consume, and Thursday might be harder to workout given I will be having some wine tomorrow night. Gonna set my alarm for 5 and see how it goes. Off to bed – and GUESS WHAT! Tomorrow is my birthday! 🙂 Hehe. Night! XOXO

250 calories – 1 cup of quinoa w/ sugar, cinnamon, butter
80 calories – 1 apple
60 calories – coffee with milk
190 calories – protein bar
200 calories – 1 can of tuna w/ mayo and lettuce
100 calories – 1 medium banana
62 calories – 1 medium orange
90 calories – 1/2 cup cottage cheese
240 calories – 8 oz chicken breast
25 calories – 1 cup of broccoli
90 calories – Ciao bello blood orange sorbet pre workout (for sugar – SO good)
150 calories – almonds and a little peanut butter
160 calories – protein shake with almond milk

Total caloric intake = 1,697 calories (1,851 allowed)

46 days to reach my goal…


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