Long Time, No See

A few months have passed since I last wrote or updated on my weight loss journey. I am a ‘tad mad at myself for doing so good and then just letting it all go. When I say letting it all go, I mean that I have really not been watching what I eat as well as I used to, nor have I been working out as often as I used to. I could give a million excuses as to why I did this or why I did that, but what it all boils down to is that honestly…I got into really good shape and figured that I could go back to my “old ways”. I stopped caring about what I was eating as much, went on vacation and pigged out, and just thought..well, I lost it, I won’t put it on. Pfffff that’s a lie!

But with that said, I’ve come to a point where I terrified to step on the scale and feel really unhealthy. Now I’m not saying I’m fat or have put on a ton of weight (I have maybe gained 5 pounds from my lowest), but I FEEL unhealthy. So it is time to change that and pick myself up and get back on the horse. I need to face reality, stop making excuses and get back into the routine that I was in.

I was talking to a friend and he suggested that maybe I burned myself out from January – April. I did so well, but really restricted what I ate and worked out like a crazy woman. I think that is partially the truth, yes. But I also think summer came, and I gave into temptation WAY more than I should have and now here I am, beating myself up and telling myself every day that I’ll start tomorrow or I’ll start next week. No more of that because tomorrow comes and goes…the next week comes and goes…and I haven’t started working towards making myself healthy again.

I haven’t worked out in nearly a month. I was in Thailand and India from July 7 – 21, 2013, and I worked out one day on that trip. I ate HORRIBLY and it was pretty much a downward spiral from there. So it’s time to reset my goals and get back into a healthy and active life and routine that I was in just a few months ago. I will not only feel better about myself, but I will be healthier overall…which has been my goal since January 1st.

Tomorrow morning I am going to “start from scratch” if you will and take photos, weigh-in and take measurements. I am going to look at this as a new beginning and give myself until December 31, 2013 to be in the best shape of my life. However, I am not going to focus on the scale as much and more on how I feel. I will say that I am going to set a general goal weight of 130-140 pounds, but if I weigh 150 and look amazing, that’s okay. The good thing is, I haven’t lost all muscle mass that I built so once I start using them again, they will easily condition back to what they were at my peak.

So I will see you tomorrow and am looking forward to restarting this journey again and picking up, blogging, and sharing my experience, pitfalls, etc. with you all. Good night!


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