As 2014 Comes to a Close…

Well hello there! It has been a long time since I wrote. I stopped writing because I just lost drive and focus. But that’s not stopping me….

As I reflect on 2013, I can’t help but stop and think, “What a Year!” From the true start of my fitness journey to India and Thailand to several of my best friends getting married, 2013 was a year of change, excitement, happiness and more. I was sooo blessed to have been able to do some pretty awesome stuff, and in doing so, I have learned a LOT about myself.

Writing this post, I am in a much better place than when I started this blog. Weight wise, I’m not where I’d like to be, but you know what? That’s okay because for the first time in my life, I look and feel better than I ever have. Sure, when I was 8 pounds lighter I probably looked better, but this weight is going to come off easy now that I already did it once before. 2013 was an “exploratory” year for me if you will. I was figuring out who I was, what I’m good at, working on my self esteem, etc. Trials and tribulations came up, and I’m still here, meaning I overcame them. We all will overcome challenges in life. The key is to remain positive while doing so and never give up. 

I will reflect each day up until the new year, but I do want to make mention that this blog held me accountable. So I’m going to have a new take on it in the new year and use it as not only as a diet/fitness platform to share my journey with you once again, but also as an every day, real life inspirational site. I want to share my experiences in all areas of my life with each and everyone of you. Even if I can help/inspire just one person, that will be enough for me. 🙂 

Until next time….


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