Day 1 – A New Journey Begins

Today is the day when everything starts over again. I feel like I’m right back in the same spot as I was last year at this time. Well, technically I am. 🙂 I was feeling a bit bummed when I saw how I have put on 10-12 pounds since my lightest (which was 140-142) back in April 2013. However, I know that I did with the summer drinking, eating, travels, etc. I didn’t work out as much and definitely was not watching my diet. Lessons learned though, and I’m still 7 pounds lighter and a few inches smaller than when I started at this time last year. I still have muscle and am in decent running shape so it’s not like I’m starting from square one, thankfully! With that said, here are my current measurements and pictures as of today, January 2, 2014:

Weight – 151.8 lbs
Bust – 35.5 in
Waist – 32 in
Hips – 40 in
Thigh – 23 in
Arm – 12 in

Front View

Back View

Side View

Just as with last year, I will report out my measurements on the first of each month. Weight will be weekly, but I’ll wait to record my new weight until Friday, January 10 so I’m on an every Friday weigh-in schedule.

Instead of logging all of my food on here (takes so long to type out), I’m keeping a food journal and writing everything out in there (see picture below). I’ll only be recording my caloric/fat/carb/fiber/protein intake and compare it to my goals under macro-nutrient eating. If anyone is interested in knowing specifically what I’m eating, I’ll share that information with you. 🙂


With that said, I have 12 weeks to lose 12 pounds. I WILL do that, mark my words. If I can get lighter than that, even better! Ultimately, I want to be 130 pounds by summer. I’m not getting any younger and I’m transforming many areas of my life so mark my words, this is the year. 🙂

Last but not least, my totals for the day were as follows:

Calories – 1057, Goal – 1600 (under)
Fat – 41, Goal – 60.8 (under)
Carbs – 75, Goal – 111.2 (under)
Fiber – 21.5, Goal – 30-38 (under)
Protein – 103.1, Goal – 152 (under)

I only had 4 meals so that is why I’m so under in all areas. This macro-nutrient eating is going to take some getting used to, but it will come with time. Actually, it’s not much different than what I was doing last time, I’m just more conscious of the quality of the foods (high protein/fat/carbs) as opposed to just eating whatever I wanted based on calories alone.

Until tomorrow! 🙂

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