Tomorrow is GO Time!

Like everyone else on this planet, tomorrow (January 2, 2014) starts my quest to get fit again! This time, I’m taking a new approach…

While I will still be calorie counting and writing down everything that goes into my mouth, I am going to be focused more so on macronutrients – carbs, protein and fat. I used the following calculator to determine how many grams of each I need in a day.

Based on working out 5 times per week (sometimes more, sometimes less), I will need to consume 1600 calories a day for fat loss. I presume that this is roughly 1200 calories + whatever I burn, which is the model I used last year. This is a pretty aggressive number so according to the calculator, I can still lose a considerable amount of fat if I eat 1700 calories per day. With that said, divided over 5 meals per day, I need to consume the following: 

Per Day                            Per Meal
Calories – 1600                 Calories – 320
Carbs – 111.2                   Carbs – 22.2 g
Protein – 152 g                  Protein – 30.4 g
Fat – 60.8 g                       Fat – 12.2 g
Fiber – 30-38 g                  Fiber – 6-8 g

I haven’t planned my meals yet for tomorrow so while I’m going to try my hardest to meet this targets, it may take some strategic planning over the weekend. We’re starting another weight loss competition at work next week so that and Puerto Rico at the end of March are my motivation. I want to be 140 pounds and tone again by the time we go to Puerto Rico, if not even lighter. I have been working out somewhat so at least I’m not starting from scratch like last time! As I mentioned, as soon as I get into routine and feeding my body with healthy food, I will drop the weight quickly I feel. I’ll outline all my goals, photos, measurements, etc. in my post tomorrow, but wanted to get this out tonight! Happy New Year all!


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