Day 6 – Going Stir Crazy

Ok ok ok. I don’t know how people do it. I am going absolutely nutty sitting in my apartment for almost 72 hours straight. Mind you I live in a 556 sq. ft. studio in downtown Chicago, but JIMMINY CRICKETS! This is madness! The ice on the inside of my unit’s windows is finally starting to melt. This is what it looked like yesterday at -15:


I mean, where are we? The North Pole!? Sheesh! Anyways, Day 2 (or 3 if you count Sunday) of being cooped up inside, and I have slightly curbed my appetite. I’m finding it very hard to stay within the “meal recommendations” because I don’t see how it’s possible to eat with the numbers I’ve been given (as in, 12.2 g of fat per meal, 30.4 g of protein, etc.). So what I decided to do today was have balanced meals – i.e. a carb, protein, etc. at each one, but then take it off the daily allotment. That way, I’m still hitting my daily targets but not obsessing about having an extra grape tomato in my salad because that’s going to knock my carb count from 22 to 23.

I did get out and make it to the gym this evening which felt great. But let me tell ya’…alllllll the resolutioners were there. Bahhh. Which hey, great for them…if they stick to it after the first few weeks….but I’m hoping it levels off here in the next month or two. I think I’m going to try a.m. workouts instead so I’m not fighting for a treadmill. Anyhoot, this girl is off to bed. Until tomorrow!

Calories – 1657.4, Goal – 1600 (over)
Fat – 54.4, Goal – 60.8 (under)
Carbs – 179.3, Goal – 111.2 (over)
Fiber – 44, Goal – 30-38 (over)
Protein – 128.2, Goal – 152 (under)


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