Day 8 – Week 2 Begins!

Week one has come to an end and today  marks the start of week two. How do I feel? I actually feel great! Stepped on the scale this morning and I was 148.6. That’s 3.2 pounds lighter than what I was a week ago! Part of that was bloating from my monthly visitor ;)…but overall, I think it’s just my body getting back into routine!!! The first few pounds will come off easily as long as I’m consistent and stay away from sweets, alcohol, etc. My goal is to be 146-147 next Thursday! Holla!

We had a work team lunch at Wildfire today. Mmmm so good. I did indulge a bit and had their fresh, homemade cornbread (to die for) and a piece of their pumpernickel bread. Between 10 of us, we split a large salad so it basically came out to a tiny plate, and then I had salmon and roasted veggies for my entree. Afterwards they gave us a chocolate chip cookie and I did indulge there as well. But, it was my first time in a week, and I’m still down so I’m not worried! It put me over my counts for the day, but not by much…I was quite surprised. I ended up working late and went to the gym after. Wasn’t feeling motivation but I had to get it in. More tomorrow!

Calories – 1974, Goal – 1600 (over)
Fat – 84.5, Goal – 60.8 (over)
Carbs – 173.9, Goal – 111.2  (over)
Net Carbs – 138.1, Goal – 111.2 (over)
Fiber – 26.8, Goal – 30-38 (under)
Protein – 142.9, Goal – 152 (under)


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