Day 9 – Time for the Weekend!

So happy the weekend is here! With this weather, this may have been the slowest week…ever! It started raining today and boy oh boy did it rain! It’s good because it’s melting the snow, but it made for a sucky commute home. I stopped by the gym in the suburbs to bust out a workout. I wasn’t feeling it. I have a slight cold (sinus pressure, runny nose, cough) so I’ve been feeling extremely tired these past few days. But, I still managed to do some cardio and chest/tricep workouts. I also bought a new protein powder today – GNC Whey – Strawberry flavored. Umm AMAZING! It’s actually made by Optimum Nutrition and they just ship it to NC, slap a GNC label on it and there you have it. So so so good. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new protein powder. The vanilla one is really yummy too! Anyways, I need some rest to kick this cold. Short and sweet tonight.

Calories – 1567.5, Goal – 1600 (under)
Fat – 55.4, Goal – 60.8 (under)
Carbs – 145.3, Goal – 111.2 (over)
Net Carbs – 100.5, Goal – 111.2 (under)
Fiber – 33.8, Goal – 30-38 (on target)
Protein – 134.3, Goal – 152 (under)


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