Day 6

Today was a fun day! Ryan and I woke up and went to the store to get some breakfast and then went back to his house to cook it. We started to look into booking a week trip to Milwaukee this weekend and our trip away to Austin in August. We are looking into staying in haunted hotels in both places – FUN! 🙂 So while we were looking at these hotels, we started watching the movie “The Conjuring”. Have any of you seen it?? OMG – FREAKY! Watch it if you like scary movies. 🙂

After the movie we went to the driving range. I will give you a little back story to this – I bought a set of clubs two or so years ago and have used them one time. Yep, ONE TIME. I went with an instructor from my work to the driving range and hadn’t touched them since. Well, Ryan is an avid golfer (and very good, too!) so he helped me with my swing and gripping the club. I have to say – I didn’t think I was all that bad given it was my second time ever using them and my first time playing in over a year. We did the putting green and then went out on the course for a few holes too, and by the end of the afternoon, I was swinging and hitting the ball much better. I think getting out and doing it more often will help, and I hope we get out and play again soon! 🙂 Here is a little collage I put together from the day:


We went back to his house afterwards and had a delicious dinner then drove into the city and ended the night with some froyo. I did slip up a little more than I wanted to today, but with the first week almost under my belt and not really having a cheat meal, I didn’t feel guilty. 🙂 Back to the grind tomorrow. Talk to you then!


  1. 2.5 hours of golf (driving range, putting green, 5-6 holes) (I’m not sure how many calories this burns, but when I typed it into MyFitnessPal, it seemed high. Considering I was driving a golf cart for some of the time, I’m going with 80-90 minutes of actual swinging time and 300 calories burned.)

Food Log

60 calories – Coconut Water
100 calories – Starbucks Soy Caffe Misto
68 calories – 4 Egg Whites
150 calories – Plain Oatmeal w/ a little butter and sugar
50 calories – Fruit Salad
110 calories – Buffalo Pretzel Crisps
170 calories – Kettle Corn
84 calories – 6 Reduced Fat Ritz Crackers

792 calories up until this point. I ate the following below, but don’t have an accurate calorie count. 😦

1 glass of Riesling Wine
Chicken Kebab
Sauteed Veggies
Garlic Bread
Frozen Yogurt

80 days to reach my goal…


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